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Barcelona - Alt Pendès


DialoguE Centre - AdelaCarrascosa

Adela Carrascosa

The center Dialogue Spain is located in the Alt Penedés region, in the province of Barcelona, to 30 minutes from the center of the city. We are located in a natural setting surrounded by mountains and also very near from the best beaches of Barcelona (30 minutes)


Prat Airport Barcelona (40 km) = 40 m. Girona Airport (90 km) = 56 m.

Reus Airport (77 km) = 44 m.

Perpignan Airport (97 km)= 1h15m

Madrid Airport (130 km)= 1h15m

Sabadell Airport (pilot training)

Francia Barcelona Station  (32km)

Sants Station (35 min)

Madrid-Barcelona with AVE (high-speed train) = 50 min

Paris-Barcelona = 7h20

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