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DialoguE Spanish Immersion Course is located near the town of Barcelona, in Spain.
Until the end of the XIX century, Barcelona comprised the area now known as Ciuta Vella, or the Old City. This district is mainly composed of the Gothic Quarter, La Ribera, La Rambla and EI Raval, and is famous for its historic monuments, and narrow streets. Nowadays, antique dealers, bookshops, restaurants and the most original of shops add to the interest of this historic quarter.

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The Gothic Quarter is the core of the Medieval city which was bounded by walls until the middle of the XIX century. La Ribera. A criss-cross of Medieval streets, such as the famous Carrer Montcada, whose noble palaces reveal the comercial prosperity of Barcelona (XIII to XV century).

La Rambla is one long, lively spectacle which enjoys well-deserved fame throughout the world.


Antoni Gaudí's unfinished church, the Sagrada Familia (The Temple de la Sagrada Família), is one of Barcelona's many must-see monument. The temple is situated in the elegant Barcelona district of "San Gervasio" just 8 minutes by underground from the central "Plaza Cataluña".

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