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DialoguE specializes in "getting down to business," when "getting down to business" means doing business in Spanish. Whether it's the advanced Spanish speaker coming to DialoguE for one or two days of specialized immersion in the language of pharmaceuticals, engineering or finance, or the less advanced speaker spending a week or two on basics while adding a broad business or industry vocabulary, DialoguE works for business people who have no time to waste.
One of Dialogue's areas of special expertise is negotiating in Spanish. Dialogue's proprietary methods and cassette courses in this area are widely admired and used throughout the European Community. Every turn of phrase for each strategic contact point in the negotiation process is covered.
Whatever the specialized business need, DialoguE is there. But Dialogue's Business-Specific programs are more than just sophisticated vocabulary lists. As in every aspect of the DialoguE method and training system, businesspeople at DialoguE learn to think, act and speak in context so they can better succeed in an often difficult Spanish-speaking business culture.

DialoguE Spanish Business Specific:

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